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Financial Planning Services For Seniors and Their Caregivers

Seniors have a special, respected place at Welsh Accounting & Financial.

Preparing for Senior Years

Below is a partial listing of our services that help you and your loved ones. If you have additional needs, please call us (440) 734-4272 to see if either we can assist you or if we can refer you to another quality professional!

  • Assist with filing for Social Security, Medicare & Prescription Drug Benefits
  • Review investment and long-term care insurance policy options
  • Set up an investment portfolio and maintain needed cash flow for seniors' living expenses
  • Plan for withdrawing funds from  401K plans, IRAs, annuities, investments, etc. for maximum benefit and minimum tax impact
  • Review the importance of titles on asset accounts (Jtwros, TOD, etc.)
  • Plan for impact of estate income taxes, estate & gift taxes, etc.
  • Create a family wealth transfer plan including discussing gifts, trusts, wills, etc.
  • Create a confidential estate planning resource book for you and your family. This includes key contact names and information, a list of asset account numbers, location of important papers and a personal wish list and optional pictorial identification section.

Transitional Times: Helping Children and Caregivers Help Their Aging Loved Ones

  • Provide a referral and resource list of community services (such as home health services, adult daycare, nursing homes, cleaning service)
  • Set up a system to write checks, pay bills and monitor income so items don't get forgotten or misplaced (avoids utility shutoffs, missing social security income checks, and protects against financial "vultures"; can be a full service or let a caregiver administer this system.)

Getting Closure: End-of-Life Concerns

  • Prepare estate and trust returns and other paperwork as needed
  • Assist executors with duties of processing the estate, paying bills, etc.
In all life phases, we facilitate confidential discussions with family and heirs to help resolve personal and financial problems, clarify issues, and plan for the future.